Learn what our cryptocurrency coin can do for you.

Real Utility, Real Value

OODL coins can be used on the Oodlebit platform to pay for your trades giving you a big discount on your trade fees! We believe OODL coins will have tremendous value for its holders because its one of a few coins that can be utilized in a real-world business (Oodlebit) giving it real value as a digital asset.

Total Supply: 200,000,000 OODL
Coin Type: ERC-20 (Ethereum)

Founders and early investors will be issued 50% of the total supply, while the other 50% will be distributed to the public through promotions and our affiliate program. There is no ICO.

Lock-up period agreement:
The 100 Million OODL to be distributed to the Founders and early investors will be subject to a 4 year lock-up period. 20 Million OODL will be distributed at the opening of Oodlebit, and 20 Million every year after that until the 4th year.

Buy back agreement:
Every profitable quarter we will take 10% of Oodlebit’s net profits and buy back OODL coins from the open market until we have reached 50 Million coins. The coins we purchase will be destroyed with the OODL burn contract decreasing the over all coin supply.

Where will OODL trade? Can I withdraw my balance?:
Oodlebit will have the very first OODL market paired against Bitcoin. Once we open the exchange you will be able to trade and withdraw your OODL coin balance.

What is the value of OODL coin?:
Because we did not have an ICO, the value of the coin will be decided by the market when it opens on the Oodlebit exchange.

Flat Fees

Big trades, big savings

Your account automatically qualifies for flat-fees when you choose to pay for your trades in OODL coins. No matter how large any single trade is, your trade fee will never exceed $20 USD as long as you pay it with OODL!

Fees Example:

* Each displayed row is an example of a single trade and its associated fees.

Transaction Oodlebit fee Bittrex fee Poloniex fee Kraken fee
$50,000 $20 (Flat-Fee) $125 (0.25%) $100 (0.20%) $136 (0.26%)
$250,000 $20 (Flat-Fee) $625 (0.25%) $500 (0.20%) $550 (0.22%)
$1,000,000 $20 (Flat-Fee) $2,500 (0.25%) $2000 (0.20%) $1800 (0.22%)

Reduced Fees

Users can reduce their trading fees by up to 50% when they choose to pay for their trades in OODL. Users who make many trades a day will find this the most beneficial to reduce their cost and increase their overall profit.

Fee Example:

* Each row is an example of a single trade and its associated fee.

Transaction Oodlebit Fee % Fee Fee using OODL Savings
$500 0.2% $1 $0.50 $0.50 (50%)
$2,000 0.2% $4 $2 $2 (50%)
$5,000 0.2% $10 $5 $5 (50%)

Vote For Coins

Users can utilize their OODL to vote for their favorite cryptocurrency and help shape the future of our market place.

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