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Zrcoin Price Today

Zrcoin (ZRC) Price, Value, Chart, and News

353 Zrcoin Price: $2.12 -1.21%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$9,631,065 USD $35,811 USD 4,537,121 ZRC 4,988,894 ZRC

What is Zrcoin?

ZrCoin is the initial investment-grade blockchain merchandise. It's a derivative which leverages both cutting edge industrial and financial technologies to manufacture and promote an extremely in-demand product, synthetic zirconium dioxide (Synth. Zr? 2), which can be traded on the global marketplace of refractories. Synth. Zr? 2 has higher quality and exceptional physical and chemical attributes compared to its non-synthetic analogue, with greater payoff (66% to 75 percent ), and 2.5-3 times higher durability, endurance and stability. The process employs unique and cutting-edge technologies in the use of wastes and the parameters of zirconium that is synthetic. It's completely environmentally friendly. Direct investments in the Project will be made by ZrCoin options. The Project?s freedom should be ensured by their decentralization from businesses and other corporations. The Project is designed to match the ideology of a national initiative? Clean Nation? . The ZrCoin instrument will be launched on the Waves blockchain platform.

ZRC Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2017-06-17 ($1.42 USD) TOKEN - -
Website Source Code Explorer
Zrcoin Official Website Zrcoin Github 1 

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