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Zilliqa Price Today

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price, Value, Chart, and News

51 Zilliqa Price: $0.019960 1.68%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$173,395,663 USD $36,455,627 USD 8,687,360,058 ZIL 12,600,000,000 ZIL

What is Zilliqa?

Resolve the present blockchain's no difficulty: scalable and transaction per second.Has been doing research and development for 2 decades. Running the testnet at September 2017 and reaching 1,389 trans / sencond. - Sharding: Split the mining network into smaller pieces of managing parallel transactions. Sharding ensures transaction speed increases with network size. The thought of?? Sharding was first proposed in an article titled"A Secure Sharding Protocol for Open Blockchains" co-authored is Prateek Saxena (ZIL's dev group ) and Loi Luu (ZIL's adviser ). - The wise arrangement 's language of ZIL referred to jointly as MapReduce and follows the programming style, which is ideal for running calculations which may easily be parallelized. - ZIL has 6 layers: Cryptographic Layer (Section III), Data Layer (Section IV), Network Layer (Section V), Consensus Layer (Section VI), Smart Contract Layer (Section VII) and Incentive Layer (Section VIII). - NEO has GAS, ZIL has ZILs. - In addition to providing a stage for Blockchain DApps to climb to thousands of transactions per second, ZIL provides a number of other capacities for DApps and miners, including: + Pay for miners with reduced variances. + very low entry prices. Use energy that is better by simply leveraging PoW just to set an identity. + Quantifiable security for customers DApp for calculations with budgets. + Smart contracts and data protection contracts - Some of the present programs on Ethereum may benefit from ZIL (creating a separate block of mining). - Roadmap: + Q1, 2018: Release testnet v1.0 + Q2, 2018: Release testnet v2.0 + Q1, 2019: Mainet launch.

ZIL Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2018-01-25 ($0.008100 USD) TOKEN POW/PBFT Ethash
Website Source Code Explorer
Zilliqa Official Website Zilliqa Github 1 2 

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