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Steem Price Today

Steem (STEEM) Price, Value, Chart, and News

63 Steem Price: $0.396894 -0.03%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$125,678,622 USD $1,662,935 USD 316,655,440 STEEM - STEEM

What is Steem?

Steem is an open source blockchain protocol capable of distributing tokens based on a algorithm and storing information that is social. As the fastest, most transacted blockchain in the Earth, Steem is the only blockchain protocol capable of, and currently powering, multiple user-facing applications including,,,,, and much more. In reality, the Steem blockchain not only processes more trades than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined, it actually processes more trades then the subsequent 11 blockchains (in sequence of transactions) combined! The Steem blockchain generates opportunities for entrepreneurs by providing a scalable blockchain protocol that their application can tap into that's capable of storing a user?s content, societal information, account information, json metadata, and much more, while simultaneously enabling those users to earn cryptocurrency tokens (known as STEEM) in exchange for sharing that information. The STEEM token features no penalties owing and best-in-class properties such as 3 minute transfers to Steem?s 3-second cubes and algorithm. With the forthcoming release of the Smart Media Tokens protocol (SMT), the neighborhood will likely be adding to the Steem blockchain that the capability to allow an entrepreneur, programmer or neighborhood builder to launch their very own customizable STEEM-like tokens in addition to this Steem blockchain equipped with specific smart contracts for ICOs, Automated Market Makers, Autonomous Token Distribution, Founders Tokens, and much more. SMTs will take full benefit of their Steem blockchain?s speed and unparalleled scalability to allow entrepreneurs to monetize their system and bootstrap the worth of their coin by leveraging each of the lessons learned from Steem and More information can be seen at the SMT Whitepaper in

STEEM Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2016-04-19 (- USD) COIN DPOS -
Website Source Code Explorer
Steem Official Website Steem Github 1 

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