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Safe Exchange Coin Price Today

Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) Price, Value, Chart, and News

344 Safe Exchange Coin Price: $0.005313 -22.13%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$8,198,561 USD $3,558 USD 1,543,157,590 SAFEX 2,147,483,647 SAFEX

What is Safe Exchange Coin?

A purely peer-to-peer marketplace with an embedded cryptocurrency that comes with an emission rate based on merit, is anonymous, which is easy to obtain and use by a wide group of individuals would allow adoption of cryptocurrency that is decentralized. Safex establishes a network. The emission rate is that the money is desired to earn through trade and productivity. Every action: transport of currency and trade of goods and services which occur in the ecosystem is through a set of transactions that arerecorded at intervals of cubes. A blockchain is formed by the chaining of transactions of accounts. Technology that enable privacy that makes it possible for all participants to enjoy transparency and embedded trust bring security. This provides individuals for building electronic riches with a enclave.

SAFEX Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2016-02-16 ($0.000200 USD) TOKEN POW CryptoNight
Website Source Code Explorer
Safe Exchange Coin Official Website Safe Exchange Coin Github 1 

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