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Mintcoin Price Today

Mintcoin (MINT) Price, Value, Chart, and News

1270 Mintcoin Price: $0.000170 -0.23%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$4,252,032 USD $416 USD 24,947,260,808 MINT 24,947,260,808 MINT

What is Mintcoin?

MintCoin is an eco-friendly PoS coin designed with the as a self-growing store of value, and also a means for transactionssaving the Earth from PoW mining operations that are energy-hungry. With the debut of the mining craze that was cryptocurrency, the power-consumption of mining operations across the globe rose to unprecedented amounts, even eclipsing a number of the biggest cities in the world's energy usage. Mintcoin?s purpose would be to relieve the dependence on blockchain networks built upon massive conglomerations of energy-hungry mining rigs, and create a blockchain that's both efficient for transactions and eco friendly and as a store of value using a true ROI. MintCoin is the pioneer Proof-of-Stake coin to convert in 2014 out of Proof of Function. Its status as a coin efficient for both everyday use and long-term store of value aims to make a more rewarding cryptocurrency use expertise.

MINT Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2014-02-05 (- USD) COIN POS Scrypt
Website Source Code Explorer
Mintcoin Official Website Mintcoin Github 1 

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