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Kekcoin Price Today

Kekcoin (KEK) Price, Value, Chart, and News

1329 Kekcoin Price: $0.076596 -0.24%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$820,831 USD $67 USD 10,716,384 KEK 11,625,145 KEK

What is Kekcoin?

Kekcoin is a peer reviewed proof-of-stake cryptocurrency made to serve the community. Witness service that is segregated makes Kekcoin one of the PoS cryptocurrencies . Kekcoin attempts to fund, and intends to be a radical progress in meme technology. Kekcoin wishes to expand the worldwide awareness of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies by financing curation and dissemination of dank content. For this to be a community the Kekcoin Core team wish. This is an open source project, and community contributions are welcomed at every opportunity! The Kekcoin blockchain will form the foundation layer for a new platform called the MemeChain. This platform is a censorship-resistant? blockchain of memes? , is stored from the Kekcoin blockchain in which the hash of each meme along with the information of the pictures themselves are stored on IPFS. This platform will have a very simple developer interface to permit for easy MemeChain integration into their web application (or subreddit/twitter/telegram etc.). There will be a worldwide view of an record of memes that are authored that are time-stamped. Artists will be able to prove presence and authorship of their content. A small number of KEKs will be required to produce.

KEK Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2018-07-20 (- USD) COIN POS -
Website Source Code Explorer
Kekcoin Official Website Kekcoin Github 1 

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