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Hirematch Price Today

Hirematch (HIRE) Price, Value, Chart, and News

1356 Hirematch Price: $0.006030 0.00%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$194,395 USD $0 USD 32,238,260 HIRE 77,780,000 HIRE

What is Hirematch?

Innovation and competition go hand in hand, one always forcing the other, and the employment recruitment business has orically. Job boards are a vital part of the recruiting procedure. It is impossible to experience the job hunting process with job-seekers and companies alike using such boards as a major method of getting the word out about accessibility. In spite of this, very few users of job boards understand the evolution these services have gone through. One thing remains the same, they all use a although job boards have changed in the past 15 decades? centralized? Business m odel. Centralized applications(websites) are curr ently the most prevalent model for the project board market, and the vast majority of the internet in general. Really. Com,, and Careerbui all follow this model. Centralized systems directly control the flow and operations of data.

HIRE Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2018-03-17 ($0.090000 USD) TOKEN POW Ethash
Website Source Code Explorer
Hirematch Official Website Hirematch Github 1 

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