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Eligma Token Price Today

Eligma Token (ELI) Price, Value, Chart, and News

639 Eligma Token Price: $0.019855 -0.15%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$2,752,572 USD $272,541 USD 138,630,424 ELI 500,000,000 ELI

What is Eligma Token?

Eligma will become resell products and an trade platform aiming to change how that people discover, buy, track. Its attributes will offer users a? one-place? From which they check the value of the items in their households may store in the online stores anywhere in the world, and learn the best time to sell them. Eligma assist transform every household with solutions for selling of things they desire into a company and will offer customers a decentralized universal loyalty program. Included in these alternatives, Elipay, a cryptocurrency transaction system has been introduced by Eligma. In April, Elipay became part of the shopping experience in the BTC City? Slovenia's shopping and business center. Elipay enables deposits, transfers and obligations together with bitcoin, bitcoin money and added ether, with much more. Eligma believes Elipay a crucial moment in its evolution, devoted to bridging the divides between offline and online shopping and introducing the advantages of the crypto world. To the blockchain city on the planet, BTC City will evolve in this manner? Bitcoin City. The Eligma shopping platform will include three pillars? Discovery, loyalty and inventory. Through a exceptional algorithm that will compare goods according to attributes and their specifications, Eligma may use for products consumers are looking for a neural network-based product recommendation engine that is deep to find the best deals. Users will be able to manage any shop account through Eligma?s unified shopping accounts, where a shopping cart and checkout procedure will suffice to finish purchases at stores at the same time. Within the stock, users will be able to observe future item value and the AI-predicted current. Eligma?s home trading agent will notify users when the ideal time to market the product is. It will create and publish listings on selected stores that are online with a single click. Eligma will also propose a suitable replacement, if a user chooses to replace this product. Eligma will combine retailers within an universal loyalty system and supply a convenient and simple user interface with stock and detection columns based. There'll not be a need to enroll with a standalone loyalty program of every merchant anymore and consumers will be able to redeem ELI tokens with any other system member.

ELI Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2018-05-10 ($0.100000 USD) TOKEN POS Ethash
Website Source Code Explorer
Eligma Token Official Website Eligma Token Github 1 

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