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Deeponion Price Today

Deeponion (ONION) Price, Value, Chart, and News

497 Deeponion Price: $0.303073 0.08%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$4,884,658 USD $12,707 USD 16,117,126 ONION 25,000,000 ONION

What is Deeponion?

DEEPONION is referred to as a hybrid cryptocurrency as it implements the x13 proof of work (POW)

And the evidence of bet (POS) algorithm. The Onion Router (TOR) protocol is executed and integrated natively inside the TOR network. This ensures the security and anonymity of all connections. The principal purpose of DeepOnion is to guard the privacy and privacy of a person by creating. DeepOnion minimizes the odds of identification by both the legal and illegal entities to advertise solitude and the anonymity of cryptocurrency consumers by incorporating anonymity-centric media protocols and industry-leading cryptography. DeepOnion also seeks to implement DeepSend along with other advanced and recognized blockchain technology such as Stealth Addresses(Which are already implemented) which could make it challenging to violate our users' solitude. DeepSend is our payment technology that has been designed obfuscate payment transactions and to look after the senders & #x27; identity. With the implementation of many layers of security such as stealth addresses, a technology which protects the identity of the recipient, the TOR protocol has been integrated to ensure that each of the connections inside the DeepOnion are protected. As mentioned earlier deepSend offers anonymity and security of trades. DeepOnion creates the study or tracing of this coin movement hopeless throughout even or the DeepOnion system with technology. The goal of DeepOnion is to offer an anonymous platform which operates over a network that is private and secure. Users are now able to transfer their wealth freely without scrutiny and monitoring from legal authorities and malicious attackers. DeepOnion includes many features such as DeepVault to register file hashes on not just the DeepOnion blockchain but backed from the bitcoin blockchain. This enables you to register a document, a notary. It registers the document hashes and if it changed and is registered in any kind, it will offer a result saying the document isn't original. For almost any $ Onion holder they have VoteCentral a platform Adding DeepVault to create proposals for DeepOnion's future. If they get enough likes and votes, it will be implemented to this coin's near future.

ONION Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2017-08-13 ($0.150000 USD) COIN POW/POS X13
Website Source Code Explorer
Deeponion Official Website Deeponion Github 1 

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