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Zclassic Price Today

Zclassic (ZCL) Price, Value, Chart, and News

307 Zclassic Price: $1.82 -0.29%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$12,244,040 USD $46,832 USD 6,713,150 ZCL 21,000,000 ZCL

What is Zclassic?

Zero-knowledge demonstrating scheme is a decentralized and open source tech that offers discerning and privacy transparency of transactions. Zclassic is a fork of Zcash: (@HeyRhett) decided to take another path by eliminating the 20% commission. Miners are simply making their fair wages, we think they deserve it, and the community can supports the coin development. ZCL also differs from ZEC by removing the slow start (origin ), we are not trying to deliberately engineer lack: The Marketplace decides the cost. We are using the very same parameters which were made in the now famous secure"trusted setup meeting" (origin ) where Peter Todd engaged, and he affirmed to us (origin ) they're safe to use. If one of the participants maintained their key secret and destroyed it, the whole system remains secure.

ZCL Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2016-11-05 (- USD) COIN ZK-SNARKs Equihash
Website Source Code Explorer
Zclassic Official Website Zclassic Github 1 

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