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Vinchain (VIN) Price, Value, Chart, and News

597 Vinchain Price: $0.006691 0.57%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$3,212,213 USD $192,909 USD 480,108,901 VIN 840,108,901 VIN

What is Vinchain?

We?ve already established the Alpha version of the platform ( and app (available on Android and iOS)! Our wallet ( and also blockchain ( ) are ready. VINchain is creating a blockchain database of used vehicle information that is accessible by everybody, reliable, and 100% transparent. VINchain project combines all information providers and provides the user a vehicle record; all without the downsides of a database. By contributing with help of automobile tracking devices consumers can also significantly increase the value of the vehicles at the time of the sale. VINchain is a decentralized network that allows VIN information to be stored by you on the blockchain, which guarantees complete data invariability. You can cover orders on the blockchain with VINchain tokens, afterwhich the tokens will be distributed based on the value of the information into the community. Why is this project important? - No one will be able to invent information - With information the roads will all be safer all - It will create a community for dealers, united by the idea to make the market transparent to clients We have longstanding functional and rewarding businesses that currently creates profit, EpicVin became one of our partners and from the time we go live they'll completely integrate with us. So in essence we are not only launching a practical, tested, and already proven to work business, although an MVP. We are also partnered with a number of companies in this area, and by now our initial alternative comes to the market we will have the ability to supply a huge quantity of value. A number of these companies comprise AutoInspect (a vehicle inspection company), VinInspect & VinGurus (auto history reports), and ABetterBid (Employed and salvage vehicle broker). This is not counting the many companies that we will associate with, as we progress towards our ICO. Through our partnerships we already do business with the biggest clean and salvage title vehicle auction in the united states, (NASDAQ - CPRT). EpicVin is the official Vehicle history report provider. You can take a look at their article regarding EpicVin here: We have an agreement with AutoInspect that into our database they'll contribute their repository of over 300 million vehicles from the launch of VINchain. We have a huge quantity of business expertise not form our partnerships, but also from our team members and consultants. One of our team mates, Jurgis, has a total annual turnover of over half a billion dollars form all his auto companies. That speaks a great deal about the encounter that is huge that we have on our side. In comparison to ICO jobs which are coming out on the current market, nobody comes close to this amount of expertise that we have. Our teams tokens are vested for two decades. We're. As a kind of payment, our partners will accept our tokens From the launch of the solution. We are confident that our solution will triumph over others available on the industry. Our Most Important advisors are: Donald G. Stephenson, ex Senior Vice President of Volkswagen America, David Carp, ex-CPO of Kia Motors America and Asset Remarketing Manager of Volvo Cars of North America; Matt Carpenter, Chief Financial Officer of Audi of America and Audi Canada, Dr. Simon Hassannia, Head of Business Innovation at ATU Germany and Mark Taylor, Head of Business Development at PureCars. All advisors are available here Summary: We are creating a decentralized and tamper-proof platform for automobile data which will bring trust and transparency . Issues we solve: ? Data is spread across many information providers. ? These providers do not share information ? Is not dependable and opaque ? Information Isn't captured in real time from the vehicle, hence resulting in a delay that was long ? Incentives are those that everyone is encouraged to collect information (or not supply any information) ? As problems with the automobile surface months in the Future, A regular consumer can get stuck with a car ? Approximately 30 percent of automobiles globally experience odometer fraud. Converted to dollars $10 billion yearly Our Solution: We fix these problems by making an open database of information (blockchain). We gather information from traditional sources (think CarFax) and directly from the automobile itself. Only pre-approved advice can be provided by entities such as: ? Vehicle drivers (only by utilizing OBD apparatus or Vehicle Telemetry) ? Manufacturers ? Traders ? Governments (e.g. NMVTIS) ? State entities (DMV's) ? Insurance companies ? Law enforcement ? Banks ? Private databases (API) ? Aggregated data scraping ? Partners We keep the following kinds of information: ? Vehicle history ? Odometer readings ? Accident reports ? Care records ? The number of owners ? Criminal history of the automobile (hijacking, theft, etc.) ? Vehicle photos Drivers are in control: For the first time in history motorists are in control of their own information, and are able monetize it. This can be done with secure OBD devices that plug into any auto that's been assembled after 1996 (Besides OBD this can also be carried out with telemetry). The motorists choose what info they want to share and with whom. As a result of this, information is collected in real time, as opposed to with weeks or months of lag period as it is today. Data that we catch from the automobile: ? Driver Behavioral Data - Acceleration, deceleration, turns ? Vehicle system mistakes and diagnostics ? Exposure information - Location / path, Time of day, and conditions in ? Emergency calls ? Diagnostic information - check engine. ? Crash cases Because it is stored about the blockchain, the information that is collected is proof. Additionally the generated information belongs to its creator and all these information providers are incentivized with rewards. Every time their information becomes utilized within an info request, they receive a corresponding token reward (tokens paid by the information requester). VINchain becomes paid by taking a small percentage from transactions. Driver Benefits The VINchain app pairs and unlocks a whole new universe of possibilities! Drivers can: ? Make money ? Drivers get rewarded with tokens every time their advice is pulled up in a data request ? Drivers get to choose what info they are familiar with sharing ? Save money ? Since the app tracks you drive it optimizes maintenance costs ? Sharing this information with your Insurance Provider could save you around 30 percent on your premiums ? Get discounts ? It allows the drivers to get discounts from local companies ? Get diagnostics ? The app tracks automobile diagnostics can know exactly whats happening under the hood without even having an engineering degree ? Socialize with the Auto ? GPS ? Lock / Unlock doors ? Honk ? Blink headlights ? Remote start/ stop the engine ? WiFi Hotspot This information is useful too. Drivers can be essentially paid by Firms their permission reach out to them with offers that are targeted, and to get their information. For example a local breakfast place can determine which drivers pass from the company on their way to work and allow them to come in. Dealer Benefits Dealers and the VINchain OBD apparatus can join their fleet together. VINchain will give dealers the ability ? Monitor when a customer needs a Particular service and reach out to them to bring them back in for a ceremony (For example reach out the instant that they need an oil change) ? Improve relations and the loyalty with existing clients ? Consumer tastes, information, and behaviour in order to facilitate the selling Procedure ? Improve the communication ? Fleet direction (see below) ? Non-Automotive Business Benefits (see below) VINchain Fleet Management ? Driver analytics ? Live automobile location ? Get notified when the vehicle leaves a specified perimeter ? Track usage and functionality ? Optimize maintenance and service costs ? Stolen vehicle recovery ? Crash Notifications ? Automated emergency assistance ? Claim management Support ? Breakdown calls Partners We've onboard many companies that are keen to do business with us. To date these companies comprise: others which are in the pipeline, and ABetterBid, VinInspect, VinGurus AutoInspect. By the time we launch our tokens will be approved by companies such as EpicVin as a form of payment. We have already collected over 250 million VIN?s into our database Links ? Short Explainer Video: ? Short Video Pitch: ? Website: ? MVP: ? 1 Pager: ? Whitepaper: ? Telegram (24hr service ):

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2018-04-22 ($0.023000 USD) TOKEN POS SHA256/SHA512
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