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Haven Protocol Price Today

Haven Protocol (XHV) Price, Value, Chart, and News

610 Haven Protocol Price: $0.390540 -0.35%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$3,065,389 USD $313,163 USD 7,849,100 XHV 18,400,000 XHV

What is Haven Protocol?

Haven is an cryptocurrency using a mixture of market pricing and fiat value storage that is stable. This can be achieved without an unsustainable peg or strength financing. It accomplishes this using a coin blockchain. Users burn and can mint Haven [XHV] for Haven Dollars [ XHVD ]'s USD worth worth. Offshore Storage - worth that is Stable: Offshore Storage is Haven Protocol?s core concept that powers the minting and burning of Haven [XHV] for Haven Dollars [XHVD] and vice versa. Simply speaking, sending Haven [XHV] to offshore storage (burning), mints the equivalent USD worth worth of this burnt Haven [XHV] in Haven Dollars [XHVD]. Every Haven Dollar [XHVD] is a representation of $1 USD? Value of Haven? Which can be moved to additional Haven wallets. Users can also burn their Haven Dollars [XHVD] to mint back the amount of Haven [XHV] of equivalent price. When Haven burns and mints back it at a later date, they'll net a different amount of Haven [XHV] if Haven's price has changed. If Haven?s [XHV] price increases, they'll net less Haven [XHV]. If the price decreases, they'll net more Haven [XHV]. In both instances they are going to have exactly the identical amount of USD worth of Haven.

XHV Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2018-02-27 (- USD) COIN POW CrptoNight Haven
Website Source Code Explorer
Haven Protocol Official Website Haven Protocol Github 1 

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