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Goldcoin Price Today

Goldcoin (GLD) Price, Value, Chart, and News

599 Goldcoin Price: $0.076908 0.79%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$3,204,128 USD $4,807 USD 41,662,072 GLD 72,245,700 GLD

What is Goldcoin?

GoldCoin is. It?s maintained and entirely constructed by a team. Due to such principles along with a focus on usability features that are game-changing, like instant transactions and verification rates, GoldCoin is changing cryptocurrency and markets operate. GoldCoin capitalizes about the classes it?s intending to inspire new developments ahead, and taught by cryptocurrencies. What makes it stand out is its own growth cycle that is feature-focused. Without straying from Satoshi vision to grow with demand goldCoin leverages the ability of big and climbing 2MB cubes. As a resistant worth shop that retargets issue each cube, it equalizes consumers in a manner Bitcoin and Litecoin proponents can only dream about. Unlike stock options, the securities, profit sharing and other investment strategies of centuries ago, this is a new way to spend: It?s a recognized system. Thanks to its design, the ledger is secure and really verifiable. It?s dedicated powered through an 51 percent defense algorithm and community working together to keep anybody.

GLD Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2013-06-14 ($0.001600 USD) COIN POW Scrypt
Website Source Code Explorer
Goldcoin Official Website Goldcoin Github 1 

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