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Curecoin Price Today

Curecoin (CURE) Price, Value, Chart, and News

668 Curecoin Price: $0.099654 0.14%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$2,407,633 USD $5,799 USD 24,159,886 CURE - CURE

What is Curecoin?

Monies are either in the Point, or in the ASIC Phase.

Curecoin might be got with both. Folders use CPUs and high end GPUs to fold proteins, making a sum of coins set-aside because of their contributions. Mine to your Curecoin system as ordinary, procuring the blockchain with SHA256 ASICs. Or whether you are heavily-invested in ASIC gear have CPUs and GPUs, you are able to participate. Due to the nature of folding (diverse, constantly shifting ( not easily predictable), GPUs and CPUs will both always be appropriate, therefore an investment in customer hardware isn?t wasted. Curecoin makes it possible for owners of ASIC and GPU/CPU hardware to make. Curecoin puts ASICs to work at what they're great at?securing that a blockchain, though it places CPUs and GPUs to work. It supports, and thus, while having a blockchain is supported by study. Even though it isn?t technically? backed? By scientific study (there?s no central jurisdiction you may see to swap coins for scientific research) the coin has inherent value as both a currency and as a system of buying a tradeable representation of health research. Like the idea of carbon offsets, somebody with money can buy a few Curecoins which signify a proportional amount of study that is scientific/medicinal, whilst the effort may be also brought about by somebody with, doing the job that is hands-on, and gain profit. The worth would add grip and inertia into the trading value. As time Continues on and the Quantity of fold done for the system increases, the Quantity of study That Each coin signifies develops

CURE Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2018-07-24 (- USD) COIN - -
Website Source Code Explorer
Curecoin Official Website Curecoin Github 1 

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