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Britcoin Price Today

Britcoin (BRIT) Price, Value, Chart, and News

1508 Britcoin Price: $0.006844 0.00%

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Max Supply
$145,553 USD $0 USD 21,268,092 BRIT 21,268,092 BRIT

What is Britcoin?

Britcoin brings together a number of technological advancements to provide a Open-Source and Peer-to-Peer currency network, available to anyone without any signup or registration. Thanks to cutting edge cryptography and blockchain technology, Britcoin makes sending and receiving payments decentralized, free and safe. Financial liberation is here. Unlike traditional methods of payment (debit cards or bank transfer) the Britcoin network is peer-to-peer and has no central authority, this means there are no 3rd parties involved in transactions. The Britcoin network acts as an Open-Source central bank that allows people to transact with each other directly - Everyone plays by the same rules set in code.

BRIT Information

Issued Type Protocol Algorithm
2018-07-20 (- USD) COIN POW/POS X13
Website Source Code Explorer
Britcoin Official Website Britcoin Github 1 

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