Affiliate Program

Refer your friends and earn trade commissions for life on the Oodlebit cryptocurrency exchange.

Collect 50% of trade fees from your referrals

When our users trade on the Oodlebit cryptocurrency exchange we collect trading fees from them. Any fees we collect from your referrals will be split with you! If your referrals generate $14,000 worth of trading fees, we will pay you $7,000! Sign up a few active traders and watch the money start coming in!

Thousands of affiliates continue to refer their friends and family because they understand that the Oodlebit Cryptocurrency Exchange is opening soon. OODL coins will find their value and trade fee commissions will start being paid out to affiliates!

cryptocurrency exchange affiliate program

Earn valuable OODL coins each sign up

Not only will you earn recurring trading commissions from your referrals, but you will also receive a OODL coin reward for every sign up you refer! 

OODLs are valuable coins that can be used on the Oodlebit platform to pay for your trades giving you a big discount on your trade fees. The OODLs are only being released through our affiliate program and other promotional channels, there will be no ICO, giving them tremendous value!

The total supply of OODL is 200 million coins, and only a few million coins have been distributed to the public so far.

Because of the small amount of OODL released and the work required to obtain these coins, we believe the market will determine that OODL coins have great value, and we believe the price will reflect this sentiment.

You will earn a tiered amount of OODL coins per sign up based on how many sign ups you have in total. Check the chart below.

Tiered OODL Rewards

The more sign ups you have, the bigger OODL reward you will receive for each sign up.

Send Earn
0..100 sign ups 5 OODL per sign up + 50% trade fee commission
101..1,000 sign ups 6 OODL per sign up + 50% trade fee commission
1,001..2,500 sign ups 8 OODL per sign up + 50% trade fee commission
2,501..5,000 sign ups 10 OODL per sign up + 50% trade fee commission
5,001..10,000 sign ups 15 OODL per sign up + 50% trade fee commission
10,001+ sign ups 20 OODL per sign up + 50% trade fee commission

Top 20 Affiliates

Rank User Sign ups OODL Earned Potential Monthly Commissions
1s7c***@gmail.com1356 8745 OODL coins$33,900.00
2moydo*****@gmail.com1182 7454 OODL coins$29,550.00
3blackkni********@gmail.com1146 4873 OODL coins$28,650.00******@gmail.com1132 7830 OODL coins$28,300.00
5poyra*****@gmail.com891 4532 OODL coins$22,275.00
6aird****@airdropbob.com756 4435 OODL coins$18,900.00
7shahbazmo*********@gmail.com731 2136 OODL coins$18,275.00
8anesti******@gmail.com622 4580 OODL coins$15,550.00
9vedat*****@gmail.com621 3625 OODL coins$15,525.00
10bitco*****@gmail.com491 2627 OODL coins$12,275.00
11abhishe*******@gmail.com465 2094 OODL coins$11,625.00
12airdro******@gmail.com438 2608 OODL coins$10,950.00
13nhada*****@gmail.com420 1380 OODL coins$10,500.00
14jan.****@gmail.com387 1946 OODL coins$9,675.00
15eyad****@yahoo.com335 1675 OODL coins$8,375.00
16de** 1655 OODL coins$8,250.00
17jus***@yandex.ru327 1861 OODL coins$8,175.00
18ilya.suk********@mail.ru327 1861 OODL coins$8,175.00
19phonga******@gmail.com320 1659 OODL coins$8,000.00
20davood******@gmail.com304 1532 OODL coins$7,600.00

Your only chance to invest in our success

Oodlebit is about to open, don't miss out on your opportunity to be apart of the success. Start building your wallet of OODL coins and passive income by referring your friends and family through your affiliate tracking link before its too late!

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